November 11, 2020 Today I:

  1. Balanced the store check register
  2. Prepared an out of state repair for shipping
  3. Tracked down a customer’s watch repair. We had assisted an elderly couple with a repair of a watch brand that we don’t carry. The couple didn’t have internet so I have been following the repair process and calling them with updates.
  4. Paid bills
  5. Sampled paper for our Christmas flyers.

November 5, 2020, Today I:

answered an email order request, changed two ink cartridges in the printer (staining my index fingernail blue) rearranged the watch display case, called the newspapers to get a count for inserting the Christmas flyers in the Black Friday editions (we’ll need 12,000 flyers), left the flyer count with the printer, and loaded the breakroom dishwasher.