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Today’s top bid: 5-11-2023—$1200.00

This is Amelia. She was diagnosed with AML (acute meloblastic leukemia) on January 4, 2022, when she was one year old. She went through 3 rounds of chemotherapy. With each one, she received chemo for several days, then had to stay in the hospital for count recovery, which took anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks. Each round getting more intense. Then in May of 2022, she received a bone marrow transplant, that was the worst of all with 5 days of intensive chemo, then the donor cells. It took a full 8 weeks for her body to recover enough to leave the hospital.  

Once home from the hospital, we still had weekly doctor appointments, and about 8 medications to take daily. These medications help in her recovery and prevent her body from rejecting the new cells. Also we had regular bone marrow biopsies to check for donor cell percentage.

Unfortunately at her 6 month biopsy, they found she had relapsed. Amelia’s specific type of AML has less than a 20% chance of a cure. We started her on an experimental medication that is designed to target her specific type of Leukemia. In an attempt to get her back in remission to try another bone marrow transplant. With there being a less than 10% chance of cure with a 2nd transplant, and a greater chance of having life threatening complications.

We, her family, pray everyday for a miracle. Amelia is currently in Children’s Mercy now getting more chemotherapy in an attempt to get rid of the Leukemia. So far she is tolerating the chemo great. Now we just wait for her body and we pray that this round of treatments gets all of the Leukemia out of her body. We pray this treatments gives her back her quality of life, and a cure.