The Hinge Does It – SuperFit Shanks

The Hinge Does It.

Knuckles, Smuckles.  We need our knuckles.  Knuckles make our hands more useful than a ping pong paddle.  Knuckles get hours of use each day.  Bend, straighten, grip, knock:  day in an day out, year after year.  If wear and tear, arthritis or a hockey accident causes your knuckles to swell, it can be difficult to wear your rings.

The SuperFit ring shank can be your solution.  Each SuperFit shank is custom built to the exact width of your original ring.  The jeweler solders the hinged SuperFit shank to your setting.  Instead of sliding your ring over your knuckle, you open the ring and clasp it over your finger (similar concept to a hinged hoop earring).  To remove the ring you press a small hidden button on the side of the ring and the clasp releases.

Absolutely amazing!  Beautiful too!