Seeds of Change: New Jewelry Designs, Lab-Grown Diamonds, New Web-based Partners

The jewelry piece of your dreams is only as far away as your imagination. During the CoVID shutdown, Joseph, the Designer, attended a CAD jewelry design class by Zoom. You can design a one of a kind jewelry piece and in four hours you can try on a prototype. Yes, Sturm Bros’ will print you a plastic model of your design. Zoom & in person appointments are available. Setting an appointment is easy: stop by, call 816-848-5005 or schedule by Facebook.

Lab grown diamonds are really diamonds. A diamond grown in a lab starts with a “seed”. A very thin slice from an earth-mined diamond is used to start or seed the diamond growing process. The photo to the right shows a tray of diamond seeds. Lab grown diamonds are laser engraved to distinguish them from their natural counterparts. Just like earth-mined diamonds, no two LG diamonds are alike. Color and clarity are random mimicking the variety found in nature. Advantages for you the buyer: 1. Lab-grown diamonds are diamonds, so they are just as breath-taking and durable. 2. Because these beauties are grown in a lab by skilled technician the footprint is small and the wages are competitive. 3. Points 1 and 2 mean the price of LG diamonds is about 1/3 to 1/2 the price of it’s earth mined counterpart.

The Men’s Jewelry Micro-site, INOX, is live on Sturm Bros’ web page, under the shop online tab. You can by him a gift from anywhere you have WiFi. The gift can be shipped to your door or his. Reasons to buy for him:
*Just because.
*Update his look.
*Mark an occasion, such as a birthday, a promotion, an anniversary
*A tonic for a really bad week.   *He’s loved.

Exceptional Jewelry brings national attention to Excelsior Springs, MO

Sturm Brothers’ invited to InStore Magazine’s On-line Jewelry Week. The Sturm Bros.’ staff were asked to join with David Geller, renowned jeweler & author, to present, “Safe Repair Take-in Procedures in this New Normal & what Profit Opportunities it Brings.” Mr. Geller & Sturm Bros’ staff will discuss CoVID reopening policies and procedures. David, a successful custom jeweler, will also be discussing the Sturm Bros.’ unique market niche, heirloom custom jewelry. Sturm Bros’ specializes in remaking the jewelry pieces you inherit into an item you’ll be proud to wear and cherish for your lifetime. Sturm Bros.’is honored to shine a national spotlight on Excelsior Springs, MO.

New York Times best selling author, Jennifer L. Scott broadcasting, on her YouTube channel, The Daily Connoisseur. Click Jennifer’s photo to view the YouTube with a Sturm Bros.’ shout out.

Can you believe it? We couldn’t believe our ears when we heard Jennifer L. Scott give an elevator pitch for Sturm Bros’ in her May Connoisseur Reviews. Jennifer is the New York Times best selling author of the Madame Chic Series and Connoisseur Kids. Jennifer’s books are sold around the globe, as these have been translated into numerous languages. The Sturm Mother has read the three books in the Madame Chic series, faithfully follows Jennifer’s blog, & is a member of her Elegant Connoisseurs on YouTube. These exquisite stories can be found in our own Excelsior Springs, MO Mid-Continent Public Library, most book sellers and at Jennifer’s website, . During the Connoisseur Review, Jennifer reviews a few items she’s found immensely useful during the past weeks. As May is typically wedding season, she was discussing wedding rings and options for creating a ring of your dreams. This lead to her giving a pitch for Excelsior Springs’ own Sturm Brothers’ Custom Design & Fine Jewelry.

Online Gem Event. Seeing the Globe & it’s treasures from the comfort of your living room.

International Gem Hunter & Philanthropist, David Artinian, co-hosted an exclusive Gem Event with Sturm Bros.’ on Thursday, May 28th. Guests received an email Zoom invitation and participated an interactive gemstone display. David shared gems, stories and videos about gemstone mining & cutting. David describes his style of gemstone selling as “Farm to Table” since he goes to the source himself. Interested in a personal gem appointment with Sturm Bros & Artinian Gems, call Sturm Bros @ 816-848-5005 or set an appointment on FB.

“Be Prepared . . .for Sensational News”

In the Disney film “The Lion King”, a villainous lion named Scar sings these lines:

Be prepared for the chance of a lifetime.

Be prepared for sensational news.

A shiny new era is tiptoeing nearer.

“Be Prepared” a song written by Elton John & Tim Rice.

That “shiny new era is tiptoeing nearer“. Sturm Brothers’ showroom reopens to the public on Tuesday May 5th. Because the threat of COVID-19 still stalks us all, there will be some new specifics to our reopening. We take the health and safety of our customers’ and our staff very seriously. The security of persons and product are our chief concern. These specifics are:

  1. The staff at Sturm Bros.’ will wear masks and gloves while working with customers during the Phase I of the Return To Work Order.
  2. Only one customer or single set of customers shopping together will be admitted at one time. You will be given a secure, personal shopping experience. More than one customer or sets of customers will be admitted to the Excelsior Springs’ showroom only if the social distancing guide lines can be maintained and all the customers are comfortable.
  3. Our door will remained locked during busines hours. All customers will be identified at the door. If you prefer to wear a mask when shopping, before entering, please lower your mask and be identified by showing your entire face & your state ID. Once you have identified and secured your mask, if you choose to wear one, you’ll be admitted.
  4. Curb-side pick up service continues. Please identify the vehicle color and make at the time of scheduling curbside. Prepayment is encouraged but you may have the correct cash or check payment available curbside. Jewelry repair customers: you must have ID and know your work order number.
  5. Customers with severely compromised immune systems may shop by online chat appointment. You may call to schedule your appointment or click the “Book Now” button on Facebook or Instagram.

“Be prepared for sensational news” Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 10th. Overnight all moms have had to adapt, becoming teachers, social media gurus, infections disease specialists and work-from-home dynamos. Reward mom for her jobs well done with a jewelry gift she’ll cherish for a lifetime. Sturm Bros.’ has hand picked this collection just to you. Your mother is exceptional; her jewelry should be too. Click here, the link will take you to the gift guide. Shop now for best selection.

“Prepare for the chance of a lifetime” Dandelion Fritters. It is a Sturm Bros.’ family tradition to find a new recipe for a foragable food. This years adventure was dandelion fritters. A few helpful hints when making dandelion fritters: 1. pick dandelions free of herbicide. 2. wash thoroughly and dry thoroughly, use a salad spinner if available. 3. The blossoms taste a bit like squash, so these tend to be bland, season with salt liberally.

Burn-out Ovens, Online Jewelry Classes, & Cartoons

Another week of #socialdistance is in the books. The Sturm Bros.’ crew has been busy. We’ve hosted a weekly Jewelry Showcase each Thursday evening at 7PM on FaceBook Live and will continue until we are allowed to open our showroom to the public.

Jordan, the Jeweler, has been moving forward with our ability to cast jewelry pieces in our Excelsior Springs, MO shop.

Jordan has ordered fire bricks for the lining of the oven. A burn-out oven is used to create a mold. Molds are created by pressing a 3D print or a wax carving into a substance that solidifies in the oven’s high temperatures. The heat removes the wax and sets the mold.

photo courtesy of @artandsoulstudioroe

Looking for a handmade gift mom will wear often & cherish. Sign up today for online Basic Jewelry Making. This bracelet is our project of the month.

photo courtesy of Rhonda @artandsoulstudioroe. Rhonda owns and operates this studio where fun and art meet.

Sturm Bros’ new repair campaign.

“Hi, I’m Betty” is a cartoon series created by Sturm Bros.’ to explain the repair process. Betty is a kind-hearted, mild-mannered, lady with a huge problem. Her engagement has lost the center stone. She still has the diamond and we all rejoice for that blessing. Her ring had to be cut from her finger after the diamond dropped out, so her ring is jagged and a bit mangled. What makes her situtation worse? The stay-at-home order is in effect and all the jewelry stores are closed to the public. Betty needs help. Click on Betty’s cartoon above to view the clip.

Who can help Betty solve her delemia? Sturm Bros.’ can help Betty. We can help you too. Do you have a broken chain? A ring with a missing stone like Betty? A watch that needs a battery? . We’ll listen to your jewelry problems and we’ll offer a no obligation estimate. If you choose to honor us with your repair, we do all jewelry work in our Excelsior Springs, MO shop.

Follow this link, get started today:

A Brave New World?

Wow!  What a week.  Sturm Bros,’ opened for business on the web & through the mail on Tuesday, March 24th. 

My first morning had me standing on my head.

How do each of you feel?  Are you part of an essential business or are you sheltering in place? Do you work from home now, like I do?

Sturm Brothers’ announced an online learning opportunity.

Basic Jewelry Making 101

The bracelet on the left is a triple link pattern.  This is the first pattern Jordan will teach.  The materials and tools, class times and projects are found on our website.  Click the sample bracelet to the left to register. 

Sturm Brothers’ on Youtube. 

“How to Make Yellow Gold  into White Gold”

Part 1 of a series of videos Jordan has created to take you through the process of realloying gold.

Jewelers School

Friday, April 3, 2020 The Anatomy of a Ring

Lesson Plan Slides & Supply & Directions Worksheet.

Thursday, April 2, 2020 Diamond Grading

Lesson Plans with worksheet

Wednesday, April 1, 2020 Trade Articles

Lesson Plan Slides


Tuesday, March 31, 2020 Precious Metals

Lesson Plan Slide show with a worksheet on page 9.

Friday, March 27, 2020 Friday Fun: Eye Spy

Lesson Plan Slide show only. The slides are the worksheets.

Thursday, March 26, 2020 Writing my Customers

Lesson Plan Slide show only. No worksheets today.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020 Amethyst

Lesson Plan & Worksheet K-12

Pages 1-7 slides. Page 8 worksheet & instructions.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020 Math is Golden

Lesson Plan and Worksheet K-12

Fleches d’amour or Cupid’s Darts

“Venus hairstone”, needlestone, “Fleches d’amour” translated Cupid’s Darts, or Sagenitic quartz are all accepted names for the above gemstone. The common name, in the USA however, is rutilated quartz.

A rutilated quartz is a gemstone with golden needle crystals trapped within the primary gem. The above pictured oval gem is copper rutilated. The pinkish streaks seen are veins of copper enclosed in white quartz. This stone hasn’t had any special treatments to bring out its beauty aside from the the typical cut and polish. The straight lines of copper were intriguing.

Rutilation in gems most often looks like a handful of straw or pine needles dropped from a great height. The needling is random in length and direction. The copper forms straight and continuous streaks that run edge to edge creating a rare gem find.

We purchased the oval and two round gems. We plan on creating a custom mounting in rose gold for the oval. Will it be a ring, necklace or a bracelet? Stop by the store and find out.