December 16, 2020: Today, I:

Set up showroom.

Read thru the emails

Responded to text messages.

Sold these earrings by text. 🙂

The Christmas research theory is looking like it might become a law.

Reviewed the Aldi’s ad. Went grocery shopping for ourselves and the jeweler. Went to the library & post office.

Joseph & Jordan completed 3 CAD projects. One project involves a dragon.

December 15, 2020, Today, I:

Set up the showroom

Discussed fingerprint jewelry by text

Balanced the check register. Realized last week was so busy I hadn’t entered several days register reports.

Sent photos of cross necklaces. Downloaded a few catalog pages and forwarded those to a customer to review.

Read emails.

December 10, 2020: Today, I:

Arrived late 🙁

Completed 2 appraisals.

Answered emails & sent text messages.

Ate lunch and read the JSA ‘robbery report for 2019’

Had a zoom appointment with our favorite gem experts in CA, Artinian Gems. They helped a client pick out a colored center stone for an engagement ring.

Checked in deliveries and entered invoices into QB.

December 9, 2020: Today, I

Starting the morning sanitizing and vacuuming.

Arranged a new jewelry collections called: Rainbow Sapphires.

10 AM the phones ringing, answer emails, send text messages.

Today’s big request: engagement rings

December 8th: Today, I:

Arrived early. Good thing.

The phone started steadily ringing from 10 AM on until 1 PM.

Ate lunch late and began to respond to emails and send out text messages.

Theory: CoVID Christmas sales will be 1. customer does research, either by phone or on line. 2. Customer comes to store knowing exactly what they want and purchase. or 3. Customer purchases by phone, test or email & we ship.

Catching up – November 20-December 5th

“What have we not been up to?” might be the best question. It was a sprint to get all the Christmas decorations up by Friday, November 20th. It took a full week of shopping, painting and creating to finish three major projects.

  1. The Hall of Trees – Tree
  2. Decorations for the front of the store
  3. Interior decorations.

The store front: all decked out for the Christmas selling season. The decorations around the vestibule were Megan’s brain child. We don’t have a canopy to mark our entrance so pedestrians don’t see our store front. We’re testing this ‘decor’ theory to see if it attracts greater foot traffic

The “Hall of Trees” Tree. A true labor of love.

Total man hours: 36

Total machine hours: 20

Number of people on the project: 4

It’s the best representation of our skills set & jewelry making abilities.

Then came a much needed ‘creativity’ break. I binged on BBC shows, Jordan played video games & Megan continued creating Christmas decorations for her home.

The Sturm Family celebrated Thanksgiving with a turkey, both the meaty kind & a veggie kind. We went for a walk. I hunted for rocks. Rocks for my flower beds ;). Yep, I just can’t get enough.

November 19, 2020: Today I

  1. read emails and cleaned the email box.
  2. re-communicated with venders by phone because my emails were unclear ;( Note to self: work on written communication
  3. The flyers arrived!! and are these beautiful. Megan did a great job. Thank you Megan.
  4. Planned and executed a huge shopping trip for store decorations. We went to: bank, library, Walmart, Dollar Tree, Aldi, Orschelns, and Price Chopper.
  5. The photo attached is our haul. Only the library and Price Chopper were personal items. Yes, even the Aldi stop was for the store. We bought a large kitchen rubber rub for Jordan’s melt station and a set of remote control, battery powered candles for our tree.

November 18, 2020: Today, I

  1. started the morning, vacuuming the lobby. An incident with a three hole punch made the lobby look as if it had snowed.
  2. brain stormed, brain stormed, and looked at Pinterest some more. Megan and I are trying to decide how to decorated the store tree we’ll set up for the hall of trees display. Deadline 11/21!!
  3. Megan ordered a few strange items we couldn’t put on our shopping list for tomorrow. So I ask you, gentle reader, is this a photo of my brain after all those thoughts and storms rolled through or plastic chain that will part of our props? What will we do with plastic chain? You’ll have to drop by the Hall of Waters, Hall of Trees display and find out for yourself.

November 17, 2020: Today I

  1. Assessed the damage a deer caused the back rear quarter panel of my vehicle. Small dent, antler scratch & a cracked back tail light.
  2. balanced the store check register and paid a few bills.
  3. adjusted the sales tax and payroll tax ledgers
  4. discovered that bamboo paper towels (we purchase our from grove collaborative) do pick up more liquid than regular paper towels. “How do I know? you ask.” I moved a pop can from the design desk to help two customers and dropped it! I missed the keyboard and the mouse but created a large puddle. Thus, bamboo to the rescue.

November 13, 2020: Today, I:

  1. decided which of the Downtown Excelsior Springs events match our branding. We’re participating in the Downtown Holiday open houses & the Hall of trees.
  2. receive the estimate for the Christmas flyers. Have given the flyers a go ahead.
  3. dusted the showroom & emptied the trash cans
  4. worked more on our workflow software.
  5. appraised a completed custom ring. It’s so beautiful.
  6. check the email – acted and emptied.