Seeds of Change: New Jewelry Designs, Lab-Grown Diamonds, New Web-based Partners

The jewelry piece of your dreams is only as far away as your imagination. During the CoVID shutdown, Joseph, the Designer, attended a CAD jewelry design class by Zoom. You can design a one of a kind jewelry piece and in four hours you can try on a prototype. Yes, Sturm Bros’ will print you a plastic model of your design. Zoom & in person appointments are available. Setting an appointment is easy: stop by, call 816-848-5005 or schedule by Facebook.

Lab grown diamonds are really diamonds. A diamond grown in a lab starts with a “seed”. A very thin slice from an earth-mined diamond is used to start or seed the diamond growing process. The photo to the right shows a tray of diamond seeds. Lab grown diamonds are laser engraved to distinguish them from their natural counterparts. Just like earth-mined diamonds, no two LG diamonds are alike. Color and clarity are random mimicking the variety found in nature. Advantages for you the buyer: 1. Lab-grown diamonds are diamonds, so they are just as breath-taking and durable. 2. Because these beauties are grown in a lab by skilled technician the footprint is small and the wages are competitive. 3. Points 1 and 2 mean the price of LG diamonds is about 1/3 to 1/2 the price of it’s earth mined counterpart.

The Men’s Jewelry Micro-site, INOX, is live on Sturm Bros’ web page, under the shop online tab. You can by him a gift from anywhere you have WiFi. The gift can be shipped to your door or his. Reasons to buy for him:
*Just because.
*Update his look.
*Mark an occasion, such as a birthday, a promotion, an anniversary
*A tonic for a really bad week.   *He’s loved.