“Be Prepared . . .for Sensational News”

In the Disney film “The Lion King”, a villainous lion named Scar sings these lines:

Be prepared for the chance of a lifetime.

Be prepared for sensational news.

A shiny new era is tiptoeing nearer.

“Be Prepared” a song written by Elton John & Tim Rice.

That “shiny new era is tiptoeing nearer“. Sturm Brothers’ showroom reopens to the public on Tuesday May 5th. Because the threat of COVID-19 still stalks us all, there will be some new specifics to our reopening. We take the health and safety of our customers’ and our staff very seriously. The security of persons and product are our chief concern. These specifics are:

  1. The staff at Sturm Bros.’ will wear masks and gloves while working with customers during the Phase I of the Return To Work Order.
  2. Only one customer or single set of customers shopping together will be admitted at one time. You will be given a secure, personal shopping experience. More than one customer or sets of customers will be admitted to the Excelsior Springs’ showroom only if the social distancing guide lines can be maintained and all the customers are comfortable.
  3. Our door will remained locked during busines hours. All customers will be identified at the door. If you prefer to wear a mask when shopping, before entering, please lower your mask and be identified by showing your entire face & your state ID. Once you have identified and secured your mask, if you choose to wear one, you’ll be admitted.
  4. Curb-side pick up service continues. Please identify the vehicle color and make at the time of scheduling curbside. Prepayment is encouraged but you may have the correct cash or check payment available curbside. Jewelry repair customers: you must have ID and know your work order number.
  5. Customers with severely compromised immune systems may shop by online chat appointment. You may call to schedule your appointment or click the “Book Now” button on Facebook or Instagram.

“Be prepared for sensational news” Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 10th. Overnight all moms have had to adapt, becoming teachers, social media gurus, infections disease specialists and work-from-home dynamos. Reward mom for her jobs well done with a jewelry gift she’ll cherish for a lifetime. Sturm Bros.’ has hand picked this collection just to you. Your mother is exceptional; her jewelry should be too. Click here, the link will take you to the gift guide. Shop now for best selection.

“Prepare for the chance of a lifetime” Dandelion Fritters. It is a Sturm Bros.’ family tradition to find a new recipe for a foragable food. This years adventure was dandelion fritters. A few helpful hints when making dandelion fritters: 1. pick dandelions free of herbicide. 2. wash thoroughly and dry thoroughly, use a salad spinner if available. 3. The blossoms taste a bit like squash, so these tend to be bland, season with salt liberally.