Burn-out Ovens, Online Jewelry Classes, & Cartoons

Another week of #socialdistance is in the books. The Sturm Bros.’ crew has been busy. We’ve hosted a weekly Jewelry Showcase each Thursday evening at 7PM on FaceBook Live and will continue until we are allowed to open our showroom to the public.

Jordan, the Jeweler, has been moving forward with our ability to cast jewelry pieces in our Excelsior Springs, MO shop.

Jordan has ordered fire bricks for the lining of the oven. A burn-out oven is used to create a mold. Molds are created by pressing a 3D print or a wax carving into a substance that solidifies in the oven’s high temperatures. The heat removes the wax and sets the mold.

photo courtesy of @artandsoulstudioroe

Looking for a handmade gift mom will wear often & cherish. Sign up today for online Basic Jewelry Making. This bracelet is our project of the month.

photo courtesy of Rhonda @artandsoulstudioroe. Rhonda owns and operates this studio where fun and art meet.

Sturm Bros’ new repair campaign.

“Hi, I’m Betty” is a cartoon series created by Sturm Bros.’ to explain the repair process. Betty is a kind-hearted, mild-mannered, lady with a huge problem. Her engagement has lost the center stone. She still has the diamond and we all rejoice for that blessing. Her ring had to be cut from her finger after the diamond dropped out, so her ring is jagged and a bit mangled. What makes her situtation worse? The stay-at-home order is in effect and all the jewelry stores are closed to the public. Betty needs help. Click on Betty’s cartoon above to view the clip.

Who can help Betty solve her delemia? Sturm Bros.’ can help Betty. We can help you too. Do you have a broken chain? A ring with a missing stone like Betty? A watch that needs a battery? . We’ll listen to your jewelry problems and we’ll offer a no obligation estimate. If you choose to honor us with your repair, we do all jewelry work in our Excelsior Springs, MO shop.

Follow this link, get started today: https://sturmbrothers.com/index.php/repair-form/