It’s Rainin’ Men . . . . ‘s Jewelry, Hallelujah!

Men’s fashion designer jewelry has arrived in the showcases @ Sturm Brothers’.

INOX creates accented stainless steel jewelry.  Collectible, stack-able, and functional, these pieces are built for the rugged demands of every day wear.  Each is an original design of wearable art with a one year warranty.  INOX takes its brand name from the jewelry term, inoxidizable.

Inoxidizable:  metal that will not tarnish or corrode. All INOX metal jewelry designs can be worn in the ocean and the swimming pool, because INOX metals will not react with salt or chlorine.

Some jewelry is accented with wood, leather and rubber. The colors, red, blue, gold, rose gold, and copper are created by IP plating.  IP plating of stainless steel is more durable than a traditional plating method.  Traditional plating is layered over the stainless steel in a dipping process.  IP stands for ionized plating.  Ionized plating is much more like a staining process.  The stainless steel is placed in a vacuum and ions of gold or enamel are injected into the vacuum chamber.  The stainless steel absorbs the ionized plating solution. This absorption of the color is much more durable and will not flake.

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Until next time.   –the Sturm Bros staff 🙂